torstai 20. marraskuuta 2008

News on apps and UI

Hi again

Due to time constraints some of the news that I post are "old"...

* However at least the first one is pretty new to the media/masses:

Google has been working on a new voice-recognition search app. The app is available for at the phone store. Later it will surely be tagged to the G1 as well. Anyway the app is really great just look at the video. The idea is simple "talk" to your phone rather than typing in. In Googles case it means typing in the search - on other apps it would mean SMS, email and other communication.

I feel really excited on the voice recognition. It is very frustrating to write an SMS - This way it can be done in just a few minutes without using your hands.

* Following the voice recognition comes Nokia's 5800 i.e. tube's UI videos. Check out the indebt review:

Look at the second video. Go all the way to 4.30 and look at the nice text input. That’s also a rather fast way of writing to you friends an SMS/Email.

* Ok - Now to another issue of interest. I have been writing to some extent over the emerging countries business possibilities. Well it looks like Nokia is already starting to do something similar. Look at the: Nokia Life Tools

The application is designed to help people in emerging markets, like farmers, to help and inform them on how to grow their crops, market agriculture prices, etc. Nokia Life Tools helps overcome information constraints and provides farmers and students with timely and relevant information. The article has also some nice UI pics.

* Last but not least - look at this salesman going on and on over his crazy gadget.

I am not stating that something like this would never work i.e. a Medical Phone - However I feel that the device is just plain ugly and surely has been done without any help of industrial and UI designers. The concept is interesting - Having a three fold phone. The illustrated phone is only a dummy. I recommend seeing the video. He surely nows how to sell an idea.

Br. Vesa

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