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So I have a few nice posts on the future... well clearly no one knows what the future will hold for us. Especially with global worming and other stuff.

Starting off: IntoMobile's Ben Robinson speculates that mobiles will replace home media hubs. I found this rather interesting since I have also found myself using the iPhone at home instead of my Mac/Pc. So in a sense the iPhone replaces my need for a larger screen size and power etc.

Anyway: The post has a few points of "evidence". For example the upcoming Samsung i8910 Omnia HD can both record and output 720p HD video. Also it has been rumored that the upcoming iPhone will be a tablet-style device, touting some form of HD (1080i/1080p) and heavy-duty connectivity. It’s even been suggested in some circles that the Apple device could be a replacement for the Apple TV i.e. their next Mobile device and their home media hub become one.

Next up is a video from Google VP of Engineering.

The video is only a snap shot of a larger interview, but nevertheless has one very good point. Google is pushing to do for the mobile industry what it did for the internet - they’re trying to revolutionize they way we use our mobile phones. Vic Gundotra, Google’s VP of Engineering, recalls the moment when his daughter referred to his cell phone as the “answer phone.” She realized, at just 4 years old, that the mobile phone in her dad’s hand was the key to finding the answer to any and all questions, anywhere and anytime!

So in a way the intomobile title: Google dreams of an ‘answer phone’ in everyone’s pocket makes perfect sense.

Guess that’s it for now.
Br. Vesa

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