perjantai 18. heinäkuuta 2008

Ads During Economic Downturn


I thought that during the summer I might find some time to test this blogging thing. Seems though that there is hardly any news worthy of speculating. Everyone’s on holiday.

Anyways I thought these posts were interesting:

Harris Interactive looks at consumer reactions to the US economic downturn. The study shows that over 1/3 of consumers say that it will not affect their spending habits, and that mobile advertising is becoming an increasingly viable advertising channel. More than half (56%) of teens and more than a third (37%) of adults would be interested by mobile advertising if they received something in return.

There was also on interesting post on Google acting as a good indicator of an economic downturn. Unfortunately I cannot find the post anymore. Anyways; the idea is that companies reduce their ad spending in an unsecured economic stage. And since Google is one of the biggest "advertisers" their results give an insight on what's happening.

This one is in Finnish:

So the analysts were not too happy with Google’s results. The share dropped 12%.

Are we heading for a recession? Will the ad spending and mobile industry suffer? Nokia seems to be doing fairly ok according to their Q2 results. However the chip makers (Intel etc.) have also been seen as a good indicator on mobile companies’ future scenarios. And so far it seems that the device manufacturers have not ordered chips as in previous years.

This post sure is full of nothing... Will probably be one which indicates taht ths blogging thjing is not for me :) Just thought I'd try to write some crappy English.

Br. Vesa

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