maanantai 24. marraskuuta 2008

Mobile advertising

Here it goes

* Well talk about talking over nothing: MMA study finds increase in mobile marketing receptiveness and adoption.

The data is in my opinion of no interest/value? Most of the findings are common throughout the industry. "Overall interest levels in the mobile marketing concept vary by market and geographic region - however, common in all markets is the importance of mobile phones in daily life.” No way - I did not think of this :) I must rebuild all my campaigns and marketing needs.

Anyway if not familiar with mobile ads/marketing go and check it out. Reading through the bullets takes around 2 minutes.

* Then to another post: Five-step plan to turn mobile advertising's potential into something more tangible

I agree with the following: "The challenges arise from trying to introduce a diverse, growing and substantial new advertising channel to an established industry which already has significant high volume business delivering into print, TV, radio and online."

1. Make it worthwhile for the media buyers to focus attention on the mobile channel
2. Apply creative revenue and delivery models to mobile advertising campaigns, rather than simple per-impression remuneration
3. Simplify the mobile message for the advertising industry
4. Fit in with existing advertising industry practices
5. Do not artificially segment the mobile advertising audience

This post is more like it. It actually does have some tangible ideas/benefits to it. Eventhough they steps are quite normal Dos and Don’ts . The part of actually "realizing" them is more difficult.

* To sweeten up things. The next post is once again on device and UI development: "Samsung showed a mobile phone prototype that has a flexible OLED display. The phone is like a clamshell, but the inside screen is full sized, and then it is folded when the phone is closed. "

You can also check out the video from here:

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torstai 20. marraskuuta 2008

News on apps and UI

Hi again

Due to time constraints some of the news that I post are "old"...

* However at least the first one is pretty new to the media/masses:

Google has been working on a new voice-recognition search app. The app is available for at the phone store. Later it will surely be tagged to the G1 as well. Anyway the app is really great just look at the video. The idea is simple "talk" to your phone rather than typing in. In Googles case it means typing in the search - on other apps it would mean SMS, email and other communication.

I feel really excited on the voice recognition. It is very frustrating to write an SMS - This way it can be done in just a few minutes without using your hands.

* Following the voice recognition comes Nokia's 5800 i.e. tube's UI videos. Check out the indebt review:

Look at the second video. Go all the way to 4.30 and look at the nice text input. That’s also a rather fast way of writing to you friends an SMS/Email.

* Ok - Now to another issue of interest. I have been writing to some extent over the emerging countries business possibilities. Well it looks like Nokia is already starting to do something similar. Look at the: Nokia Life Tools

The application is designed to help people in emerging markets, like farmers, to help and inform them on how to grow their crops, market agriculture prices, etc. Nokia Life Tools helps overcome information constraints and provides farmers and students with timely and relevant information. The article has also some nice UI pics.

* Last but not least - look at this salesman going on and on over his crazy gadget.

I am not stating that something like this would never work i.e. a Medical Phone - However I feel that the device is just plain ugly and surely has been done without any help of industrial and UI designers. The concept is interesting - Having a three fold phone. The illustrated phone is only a dummy. I recommend seeing the video. He surely nows how to sell an idea.

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tiistai 18. marraskuuta 2008



For all those who think ideas do not turn into reality:

Please see the introduction video - it's the bomb!

And please keep in mind this is a "commercial product" - There is definitely more to come out of geeky labs around the world.

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perjantai 14. marraskuuta 2008

Coming back again

Here we go again

Things are surely moving fast forward. Pixel and Gigabytes here and there. According to news SonyEricsson is building a pretty neat concept/device.

"High-function terminals, in the future, will be equipped with a 12- to 20-Mpixel camera and support full HD video shooting capability". Seems that "HD" is the power word for the 2009 devices. HTC and Apple have both been rumored to bring in their own HD devices. Never the less please keep in mind that Samsung already hit 10 megapixels in Korea two years ago.

Going onward: As VISA and MasterCard etc are still planning to launch and market mobile payments Japan has already been very active in this segment.

In Japan, more than 50 million, or about half of all cell phone users, already carry phones capable of serving as wallets. In addition some 700 million people worldwide are expected to own such phones by 2013. "Success in Japan and in trials abroad have shown that the technology is ready for cell phones to replace credit cards, cash as well as serve as transportation and movie tickets and electronic keys for homes and offices."

I have already been preaching on building easy payment methods i.e. mobile wallets.

Then to my other "favorite" news: UI and touchscreen development

Here comes:

This is yet again innovative - although it might not come across that way:) By the way: These posted videos etc are naturally only protos and foremostly do not violate corporate patents and other confidential issues. Therefore we can assume that there is soooo much more going on in big development labs. Anyway back to the video: We are seeing these UI things on a daily basis. Seems however that the video screen portrayed in the movie: Minority report is becoming reality.

Well that's all for now.

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maanantai 27. lokakuuta 2008

Some News News

Here it goes again

Interesting to see where the mobile devices will evolve within the next few years. Below are just some headline rumors. Samsung is already making headlines with their cameras:

The upcoming devices include a 8 megapixel cameraphone with 3x optical zoom. Samsung is also said it is working on a small 12 megapixel camera module.

Similarly Nokia has made some patent license agreement with Kodak:

Also apple is making news with a possible HD iPhone:

Apple product with a display somewhere between an iPhone and a MacBook. Is it the iPhone 3.0 or the NetMac 1.0?

Enough of interesting new device rumors. Here is some cold data on subscription i.e. device sales. Fresh news form Indian markets.

There were 3.9 new connections every second during the month of September. By the time you have read this there are already numerous new connections. Impressive data. In addition due to the new subscriber additions, the total market reached 310.62 million users with a penetration rate of 27.5%.

Also mobile Europe has similar news:

All five emerging markets saw double digit growth in 2007 due in large part to continued strong uptake of mobile services. Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Emerging Asia-Pacific and Central/Latin America all had 20% or more growth in mobile revenues. In comparison; mature markets in North America, Western Europe and Developed Asia-Pacific, where only North America had more than 10% growth.

Time to move to India and thereafter to Africa.

Last but not least the industry has long predicted that big brand companies will take the mobile internet by storm. Well yet again one brand has taken the leap:

What is more interesting is that this is surely partly due to the web usage.
Notice this:

The mobile internet around the world is skyrocketing. The Indonesian market has grown extremely rapidly, with 2008 be over 13 times bigger than 2007. This chart shows the annual growth for the top 5 markets - US, Indonesia, UK, South Africa, India.

Where is Europe? Anyone?

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keskiviikko 17. syyskuuta 2008

M - Banking and Google

Hi again

Referring to my Touchscreen innovation post isTechCrunch's post:

on Swyes which is an amazing gesture-based data entry system. Just go ahead and look at the youtube videos and comments:

Anyways back to this post. Strategy Analytics has published a new research on consumer needs (mobile). Seems that in general emerging markets has boomed in recent years due to greater affordability of handsets and services. There is a huge amount of interest in money handling services including airtime credit transfer and mobile banking services. Banking through the mobile is indeed a major thing in the future - like I have previously posted.

My other post will be:
an interview with Google CEO; Eric Schmidt

As for mobile advertising. He feels that eventually Google could possible make more money from mobile then from the desktop business. due to personalization and targeting. He also stated that: advertising industry is $600 billion dollars --> it’s in fact about $1 trillion globally.

On the economic slowdown: The important point is that Google's model continues to work as people are shifting from offline to online and that shift is going to happen no matter what.

So even the Google camp is interested in mobile advertising (, Android etc.).
Now that must mean something?

Br. Vesa

tiistai 2. syyskuuta 2008

Glam Mobile Marketing - Apps attention


So over the past weeks I have noticed/read on for example Ralph Lauren taking mobile marketing seriously etc. This post summarizes the current glamour players:

Seems that there are indeed more and more players entering the mobile space. Just some luxurious brand names are: Polo Ralph Lauren, Armani Exchange and Dolce & Gabbana who are all taking mobile initiatives. Also notice that Channels mobile marketing is an iPhone application.

This brings us onward to the next posts. Download and application sales are predicted to grow tremendously within the next years.

Check out these posts:

Apple sees $30 million in AppStore first month revenue - iPhone applications bring in $1 million every day. This is huge, which is also why competition is eager to participate.

Windows mobile app store; so since there is no doubt that Apple’s AppStore works. We are seeing Google doing the same for its Android platform. Apparently windows is launching their own store: the upcoming “marketplace service for Windows Mobile” will be called “Skymarket”.

Also fine research backing the future investments:

Those involved in Mobile content creation will spend more than $8 billion on the tools for creation, editing, management, and loading of that content.

Also an indication of the effectiveness of app stores is this post:

Mobile Subscribers More Loyal than PC Subscribers. Seems like consumers to mobile content are more loyal to those sites than subscribers to the same content accessed through the Internet.

Huh - Serious info.

Serious competition and evidentially things are getting seriously exciting.

Br. Vesa

perjantai 29. elokuuta 2008

Irritating phone usage


Trying to speed up this blogging thing.

Anyways here is a post:

Mobile phones on planes... that thought just does not suite my traveling visions. There have been numerous test and pilots by most of the biggest airlines (Emirates, Air France, AE etc.) I cannot imagine sitting next to some stranger who will be talking to the phone either personal stuff (family & friends) or business. I feel that mobile phone usage on airplanes needs to be restricted somehow. What do you think?

Just like Tomi T Ahonen says: A 12 hour flight and a blabbering stranger next to you--- not my thing. Luckily these airplane calls will be more expensive than the same calls on the ground. It is most unlikely that people will want to spend a lot of time yapping on the phone in a plane. Thus in the Emirates study: The average call length has been two and a half minutes. Well less than the average length of a normal mobile phone call, which is nearly four minutes.

Nevertheless I can only hope that after a mere 1-3 year mobile phone usage period - the airplane companies will figure out that in fact they ought to restrict the usage to some extent. The restrictions just resemble the early days of being able to smoke in the planes - which did not really function too well.

Br. Vesa

torstai 28. elokuuta 2008

News and advertising metrics


Man I sure hope someone is reading my stuff - Otherwise this blogging thing probably will not last too long... Sure I can go back in 3 years time and show that I actually had some nice ideas and speculative conclusions based on the general / public media info.

Anyways here comes yet again a post:

AdMob: Africa’s mobile web traffic increased 21% from Q1 to Q2 2008 --> this is a pretty big increase for Africa when you consider that the worldwide traffic grew by 18%. Hereby the African infrastructure is nowhere close to EU, US or Asia.

Also the following two post were encouraging and show that the mobile media and advertising business is taking gradually a leap forward:

Rapid Growth in Chinese Mobile Advertising. Madhouse, Inc. one of China’s largest mobile ad networks, reported that they have served over 2.3 billion mobile ad impressions in the first 6 months of 2008. This is nearly 5 times the total number of ads served in all of 2007. What I like about Madhouse way of working is that they have an immensely well developed software and databank. With over 2,000 phone models available in China today, ads can also be optimized for the differing screen resolutions.

Next up is:

Ads on YouTube's mobile site. YouTube for mobile continues to grow exponentially, and today, people watch hundreds of millions of YouTube videos every month on mobile devices. Youtube started running a test of display ads on select pages of the YouTube mobile site in the U.S. and Japan. This is our first step in testing mobile advertising for YouTube.

Big names (Google/YouTube and others) are testing the possibilities of mobile advertising. I feel that this is yet again proof that the industry is ready for exploration and delivery of mobile internet experiences.

Ok that's it for mobile internet and advertising.

Remember me writing on different mobile device trends and concepts. Well check out the concept PICS from Samsung which uses what the vendor says is a laser-based nano-projector.

Br. Vesa

keskiviikko 13. elokuuta 2008

Backing up my writing


Things are looking like I actually might have some idea behind my "thoughts".

This post covers Nokia opening a new research/design center to Africa in order to offer region specific products and services:

Remember my previous post on different phone designs. The future inspiration is in the developing countries - Europe is so last year :)

The next post also demonstrates my ideas. It interestingly shows what for example Motorola is planning for the "future":

Surely it is only a concept, but again shows interestingly, that the mobile device will evidentially replace the wallet (which we carry with us). Anyways the future device is equipped with touch sensitive areas and: RFID, point of sale (POS) system, communication and credit card reading capabilities. This is all in order to make purchase and sales channels more compatible with the most personal device people have (the phone).

Keep your eyes open : D
This stuff is coming at ya

tiistai 5. elokuuta 2008

"Touch" Screen Innovation?


Alright so one of my first post concentrated on the "next" generation (say 5 to 10 year) mobile devices (phones) - I truly believe that in the near future we ought to see new innovation from emerging markets such as China, India and Africa. People need phones/mobile communication devices for very different reasons than what we assume in the EU or US.

Anyways notice the cool demo on touch screens:
Look at the other videos as well (HP etc.)

And 3D capabilities:
The second one is long so fast forward to 2.40 and keep in mind this is his hobby:)

The future will hold some nice new gadgets for sure. Just hope that companies will nurture the new technologies :)

You may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one, I hope someday you'll join us, And the world will live as one – (by John Lennon)

Br. Vesa

perjantai 1. elokuuta 2008

Future Mobile Media Usage


This post:

Is pretty much exactly what I have been looking for. Although the post it is long and has much "unrelated" stuff it still has profoundly the core ideas of the mobile space and mobile internet.
When reading it please notice that they are describing the mobile as the 7th mass media. Internet is the 6th and 5th is TV etc.

Anyways here are a few interesting data take aways:
* The internet reaches 1.3 billion people
* However there are over 3.5 billion mobile phone subscribers today
* The mobile subscriber base is growing faster than the internet user base -> The mobile phones are cheaper than PCs.
* On mobile every individual user is always identified perfectly -> Does this one phone number make repeated access to our mobile service site, and download our content. We know perfectly the consumers patterns and segment ideas versus on the (PC) internet space.
* AMF ventures compared the three biggest media platforms, and found that on TV only about 1% of audience data is captured. On the internet, a far better number is achieved; with 10% of the audience information being captured.
* However on mobile, 90% of the audience data is captured. This is huge!
* Mobile is also the only media channel with a built-in payment mechanism.

Most of the stuff was already well-known, but I found the last bullets information interesting, since it has been numerously discussed that telcos/operators will evidentially "loose" in the mobile space. This statement is due to the fact that they are facing fierce competition and subscription/voice revenues have been declining for the past 5 years. They are already having hard times:

However if we think of operators in the future as aggregators there is revenue potential to be gained. Operators can start "selling" data points to content producers and advertisers. Needless to say that the revenues will not be overwhelming but nevertheless significant for the biggest operators (with multiple country networks) say in the nest 5years.

Overall the post was very interesting since it captured nicely the inherent economic opportunities for the new mobile media space. We are truly living in the turbulence environment and that’s partly why the industry is so interesting and exciting.

Br. Vesa

perjantai 18. heinäkuuta 2008

Ads During Economic Downturn


I thought that during the summer I might find some time to test this blogging thing. Seems though that there is hardly any news worthy of speculating. Everyone’s on holiday.

Anyways I thought these posts were interesting:

Harris Interactive looks at consumer reactions to the US economic downturn. The study shows that over 1/3 of consumers say that it will not affect their spending habits, and that mobile advertising is becoming an increasingly viable advertising channel. More than half (56%) of teens and more than a third (37%) of adults would be interested by mobile advertising if they received something in return.

There was also on interesting post on Google acting as a good indicator of an economic downturn. Unfortunately I cannot find the post anymore. Anyways; the idea is that companies reduce their ad spending in an unsecured economic stage. And since Google is one of the biggest "advertisers" their results give an insight on what's happening.

This one is in Finnish:

So the analysts were not too happy with Google’s results. The share dropped 12%.

Are we heading for a recession? Will the ad spending and mobile industry suffer? Nokia seems to be doing fairly ok according to their Q2 results. However the chip makers (Intel etc.) have also been seen as a good indicator on mobile companies’ future scenarios. And so far it seems that the device manufacturers have not ordered chips as in previous years.

This post sure is full of nothing... Will probably be one which indicates taht ths blogging thjing is not for me :) Just thought I'd try to write some crappy English.

Br. Vesa

tiistai 8. heinäkuuta 2008

Future shopping

This next post will be merely for fun.

Just thought I'd comment on the shopping experiences. Shopping experiences are changing. Consumers are taking the internet shopping to new levels. The internet is full of reports stating that online is taking a bigger share of revenues. Just as a silly example has been doing nicely according to the stock markets ? See the 6 year chart after the tech-bubble.

The x, y and upcoming z generations are all accustomed to the online shopping experiences. This trend will spread. In the future i.e. 5 to 10 years more stuff will be bought online. Why bother traveling to a shop when you can get it delivered home?

Shopping is done via the internet (PC) and increasingly via mobile phones either by adding the shopping/content to ones phone/carrier bill or paying with a credit card. Anyways...

In the meantime:

A chain of German supermarkets have utilized cell phones to make it possible for the purchases to be scanned directly from the cell phone. As you go through the store you use the camera on your phone to scan each item. Once you’re finished shopping you press a button on the phone to conclude the process which brings up a barcode on the screen. You allow the machine near the door to scan the barcode and you pay there.

Sounds nice and its happening. Similar stuff can be and has already been considered using Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags.
It has also been proposed to use RFID for store checkout to replace the cashier with an automatic system which needs no barcode scanning. Initially this would mean that the shop would have for example “doors” scanning your groceries and cashiering your wallet/credit card or cell phone.

Hmm... We need to start taking those Japanese comics seriously with humans having stuff implanted in their bodies and cars flying around.

Br. Vesa

keskiviikko 2. heinäkuuta 2008

Ad Alliances

Things are pretty mellow not at the work
Last week(s) that surely wasn’t the case thus so few posts.

Anyways these links:
Nokia Interactive: Issues a new alliance aimed at making mobile advertising easier for brands. The alliance will integrate advertising solutions from multiple companies into a single Nokia interface.
Telefónica has launched a global mobile advertising alliance in partnership with Amobee Media Systems. The alliance will allow advertisers to show targeted ads of all types to Telefonica’s 170 million subscribers around the world.

And lastly:
Nokia has announced the launch of “Ad Labs” in London and Boston. These labs will aim to train advertising agency workers in the finer points of mobile advertising.

Companies (not only Nokia) are gathering their strengths in order to understand mobile advertising. How can brands produce relevant targeted ads for their trusted consumers?

Personally I feel similar as Mike Baker: “Succeeding in mobile requires much more than a banner ad alone. Brands have the opportunity to deliver immersive, highly engaging experiences to consumers." Nevertheless I feel that it is immensely difficult to reach this target. The whole industry and "ecosystem” including carriers, ad/digi agencies, brands etc. will need to be fully aware of the time-span needed to effectively learn how to use mobile advertising. This will not happen over night nor will it come without training and investments/costs.

The times seem now more ready for mobile advertising than they have been for the past 5years. Hope the alliances and hard training will pay off.

Br. Vesa

keskiviikko 11. kesäkuuta 2008

Mobile Ad standards

So the mobile marketing and advertising "scene" i.e. industry have long developed standards to ensure that the carriers, device manufacturers, agencies and fore mostly consumers receive value for their money/investments. Without standards and guidelines there is a reasonable fear of spam. Spam/intrusive (not wanted!) mobile marketing is already very much alive in for example China, where consumers have had issues regarding opt-in standards and spam.


As MobHappy posted MMA's Laura Marriott is resigning. She has made a nice job for the past three years at MMA. MMA is dedicated to help mobile industry players build the industry in a feasible way, so that al parties benefit. I had the pleasure of meeting Laura in one of MMA's conferences.

Following this is a post by MobiAd: where Eran Hertzmann shares his thoughts.

Evan talks that: "The secret to unleashing mobile advertising potential will be in getting the balance right and ensuring that all parties enjoy a positive and rewarding experience." This statement shows truly how I feel on the subject. Just imagine the emerging markets fast thrive to the industry. Being too fast and eager might hinder the consumer experience. This will be the case without standards.

Br. Vesa

maanantai 9. kesäkuuta 2008

Mobile usage scenarios

Here we go again.

This post was rather interesting:

It goes along nicely with my previous post on mobile concepts. This article deals on: Are users going for the all in super package or will they rely more on the traditional phone capabilities. Meaning will the purchase a N96 or a S40 device for 40e. For most the biggest issues is surely why, why? Why would I need to purchase a mobile "phone" for over 600 euros? What do I get for my money? I'll be able to post photos while on the go /online? So?

It is increasingly difficult to keep up with the why? What do I get in return for my 600 euros? Most carriers and device manufacturers have great services, but no one is aware of their features. Samrt phones have multiple sensors and tracking gadgets that could be utilized. In addition marketing these services is hard. Most of the services are currently still "upcoming" and in the early development/idea or beta phases. Then you have the data costs. Your N95 device and your upcoming data plans. Luckily the flat-fee data plans are coming and thus easing the choice and time spend on using online services.

Anyways I feel that the articles first scenario will surely be something of the future! Consumers will pick the more costly device. Benefits include being always connected and with ever greater speed and accuracy. Ease of living might be a "key" word for most smart phone users. The device will be multi- capable and thus give me more freedom and choice.

Br. Vesa

perjantai 6. kesäkuuta 2008

Mobile watch and other ideas - out of the box

Let's try how this works!

So now that the whole mobile industry is under the iPhone hype I though I'd comment on the following post:

If not Finnish - You can try and use the Google translator. The article is about a mobile "phone" watch. Anyway: I find the concept of the mobile transformation very interesting.

Please see this post: businessweek

The phone/mobile device will surely transform itself to something completely different within the upcoming say >5 years. Even the current phone is merely 10 years old and currently already embeds numerous devices: phone, music, digital camera, video recorder, internet browser, games, GPS maps, TV etc. etc. Just think of the future nano-tech devices and other technological services and ideas still to come! The phone will surely/hopefully also take into consideration various cultures, which are getting closer to one and other. The mobile device is constantly evolving/changing and this is why the industry is such an exciting place to be part of.


torstai 5. kesäkuuta 2008

First post

My first post - Interested to see whether I'll be able to maintain this blog also after the summer. Currently emplyment will surely affect the blog postings.

This blog will be about me speculating and discussing mobile/mobility related topics. Currently my interest lie in the converging mobile industry. I see a bright future for a device which already embeds 4 to 5 other devices/gadgets. It is fascinating to see how fast the industry and its trends develop.

Last year was rather hectic for me - I finished my Marketing Masters studies at HSE, did an exhausting IDBM program and wrote my thesis. Two projects were deeply rooted in mobile issues: IDBM project was made for TeliaSonera on Mobile TV and my thesis covered the Mobile Marketing activities of Nokia.

Let's see how many readers my blog can generate? Personally I read a lot of news and blogs mainly on mobile topics. It' nerdy but it is nice to now what's happening. This is also why I'm taking a step to the blog world - hopefully my post(s) will easy the mobile "news" reading. At least I can refer to my earlier ideas. I try to focus on either the bigger picture or interesting smaller upcoming news/phenomenon.

Br. Vesa