keskiviikko 2. heinäkuuta 2008

Ad Alliances

Things are pretty mellow not at the work
Last week(s) that surely wasn’t the case thus so few posts.

Anyways these links:
Nokia Interactive: Issues a new alliance aimed at making mobile advertising easier for brands. The alliance will integrate advertising solutions from multiple companies into a single Nokia interface.
Telefónica has launched a global mobile advertising alliance in partnership with Amobee Media Systems. The alliance will allow advertisers to show targeted ads of all types to Telefonica’s 170 million subscribers around the world.

And lastly:
Nokia has announced the launch of “Ad Labs” in London and Boston. These labs will aim to train advertising agency workers in the finer points of mobile advertising.

Companies (not only Nokia) are gathering their strengths in order to understand mobile advertising. How can brands produce relevant targeted ads for their trusted consumers?

Personally I feel similar as Mike Baker: “Succeeding in mobile requires much more than a banner ad alone. Brands have the opportunity to deliver immersive, highly engaging experiences to consumers." Nevertheless I feel that it is immensely difficult to reach this target. The whole industry and "ecosystem” including carriers, ad/digi agencies, brands etc. will need to be fully aware of the time-span needed to effectively learn how to use mobile advertising. This will not happen over night nor will it come without training and investments/costs.

The times seem now more ready for mobile advertising than they have been for the past 5years. Hope the alliances and hard training will pay off.

Br. Vesa

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