keskiviikko 11. kesäkuuta 2008

Mobile Ad standards

So the mobile marketing and advertising "scene" i.e. industry have long developed standards to ensure that the carriers, device manufacturers, agencies and fore mostly consumers receive value for their money/investments. Without standards and guidelines there is a reasonable fear of spam. Spam/intrusive (not wanted!) mobile marketing is already very much alive in for example China, where consumers have had issues regarding opt-in standards and spam.


As MobHappy posted MMA's Laura Marriott is resigning. She has made a nice job for the past three years at MMA. MMA is dedicated to help mobile industry players build the industry in a feasible way, so that al parties benefit. I had the pleasure of meeting Laura in one of MMA's conferences.

Following this is a post by MobiAd: where Eran Hertzmann shares his thoughts.

Evan talks that: "The secret to unleashing mobile advertising potential will be in getting the balance right and ensuring that all parties enjoy a positive and rewarding experience." This statement shows truly how I feel on the subject. Just imagine the emerging markets fast thrive to the industry. Being too fast and eager might hinder the consumer experience. This will be the case without standards.

Br. Vesa

maanantai 9. kesäkuuta 2008

Mobile usage scenarios

Here we go again.

This post was rather interesting:

It goes along nicely with my previous post on mobile concepts. This article deals on: Are users going for the all in super package or will they rely more on the traditional phone capabilities. Meaning will the purchase a N96 or a S40 device for 40e. For most the biggest issues is surely why, why? Why would I need to purchase a mobile "phone" for over 600 euros? What do I get for my money? I'll be able to post photos while on the go /online? So?

It is increasingly difficult to keep up with the why? What do I get in return for my 600 euros? Most carriers and device manufacturers have great services, but no one is aware of their features. Samrt phones have multiple sensors and tracking gadgets that could be utilized. In addition marketing these services is hard. Most of the services are currently still "upcoming" and in the early development/idea or beta phases. Then you have the data costs. Your N95 device and your upcoming data plans. Luckily the flat-fee data plans are coming and thus easing the choice and time spend on using online services.

Anyways I feel that the articles first scenario will surely be something of the future! Consumers will pick the more costly device. Benefits include being always connected and with ever greater speed and accuracy. Ease of living might be a "key" word for most smart phone users. The device will be multi- capable and thus give me more freedom and choice.

Br. Vesa

perjantai 6. kesäkuuta 2008

Mobile watch and other ideas - out of the box

Let's try how this works!

So now that the whole mobile industry is under the iPhone hype I though I'd comment on the following post:

If not Finnish - You can try and use the Google translator. The article is about a mobile "phone" watch. Anyway: I find the concept of the mobile transformation very interesting.

Please see this post: businessweek

The phone/mobile device will surely transform itself to something completely different within the upcoming say >5 years. Even the current phone is merely 10 years old and currently already embeds numerous devices: phone, music, digital camera, video recorder, internet browser, games, GPS maps, TV etc. etc. Just think of the future nano-tech devices and other technological services and ideas still to come! The phone will surely/hopefully also take into consideration various cultures, which are getting closer to one and other. The mobile device is constantly evolving/changing and this is why the industry is such an exciting place to be part of.


torstai 5. kesäkuuta 2008

First post

My first post - Interested to see whether I'll be able to maintain this blog also after the summer. Currently emplyment will surely affect the blog postings.

This blog will be about me speculating and discussing mobile/mobility related topics. Currently my interest lie in the converging mobile industry. I see a bright future for a device which already embeds 4 to 5 other devices/gadgets. It is fascinating to see how fast the industry and its trends develop.

Last year was rather hectic for me - I finished my Marketing Masters studies at HSE, did an exhausting IDBM program and wrote my thesis. Two projects were deeply rooted in mobile issues: IDBM project was made for TeliaSonera on Mobile TV and my thesis covered the Mobile Marketing activities of Nokia.

Let's see how many readers my blog can generate? Personally I read a lot of news and blogs mainly on mobile topics. It' nerdy but it is nice to now what's happening. This is also why I'm taking a step to the blog world - hopefully my post(s) will easy the mobile "news" reading. At least I can refer to my earlier ideas. I try to focus on either the bigger picture or interesting smaller upcoming news/phenomenon.

Br. Vesa