keskiviikko 13. elokuuta 2008

Backing up my writing


Things are looking like I actually might have some idea behind my "thoughts".

This post covers Nokia opening a new research/design center to Africa in order to offer region specific products and services:

Remember my previous post on different phone designs. The future inspiration is in the developing countries - Europe is so last year :)

The next post also demonstrates my ideas. It interestingly shows what for example Motorola is planning for the "future":

Surely it is only a concept, but again shows interestingly, that the mobile device will evidentially replace the wallet (which we carry with us). Anyways the future device is equipped with touch sensitive areas and: RFID, point of sale (POS) system, communication and credit card reading capabilities. This is all in order to make purchase and sales channels more compatible with the most personal device people have (the phone).

Keep your eyes open : D
This stuff is coming at ya

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