perjantai 29. elokuuta 2008

Irritating phone usage


Trying to speed up this blogging thing.

Anyways here is a post:

Mobile phones on planes... that thought just does not suite my traveling visions. There have been numerous test and pilots by most of the biggest airlines (Emirates, Air France, AE etc.) I cannot imagine sitting next to some stranger who will be talking to the phone either personal stuff (family & friends) or business. I feel that mobile phone usage on airplanes needs to be restricted somehow. What do you think?

Just like Tomi T Ahonen says: A 12 hour flight and a blabbering stranger next to you--- not my thing. Luckily these airplane calls will be more expensive than the same calls on the ground. It is most unlikely that people will want to spend a lot of time yapping on the phone in a plane. Thus in the Emirates study: The average call length has been two and a half minutes. Well less than the average length of a normal mobile phone call, which is nearly four minutes.

Nevertheless I can only hope that after a mere 1-3 year mobile phone usage period - the airplane companies will figure out that in fact they ought to restrict the usage to some extent. The restrictions just resemble the early days of being able to smoke in the planes - which did not really function too well.

Br. Vesa

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