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M - Banking and Google

Hi again

Referring to my Touchscreen innovation post isTechCrunch's post:

on Swyes which is an amazing gesture-based data entry system. Just go ahead and look at the youtube videos and comments:

Anyways back to this post. Strategy Analytics has published a new research on consumer needs (mobile). Seems that in general emerging markets has boomed in recent years due to greater affordability of handsets and services. There is a huge amount of interest in money handling services including airtime credit transfer and mobile banking services. Banking through the mobile is indeed a major thing in the future - like I have previously posted.

My other post will be:
an interview with Google CEO; Eric Schmidt

As for mobile advertising. He feels that eventually Google could possible make more money from mobile then from the desktop business. due to personalization and targeting. He also stated that: advertising industry is $600 billion dollars --> it’s in fact about $1 trillion globally.

On the economic slowdown: The important point is that Google's model continues to work as people are shifting from offline to online and that shift is going to happen no matter what.

So even the Google camp is interested in mobile advertising (, Android etc.).
Now that must mean something?

Br. Vesa

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