perjantai 14. marraskuuta 2008

Coming back again

Here we go again

Things are surely moving fast forward. Pixel and Gigabytes here and there. According to news SonyEricsson is building a pretty neat concept/device.

"High-function terminals, in the future, will be equipped with a 12- to 20-Mpixel camera and support full HD video shooting capability". Seems that "HD" is the power word for the 2009 devices. HTC and Apple have both been rumored to bring in their own HD devices. Never the less please keep in mind that Samsung already hit 10 megapixels in Korea two years ago.

Going onward: As VISA and MasterCard etc are still planning to launch and market mobile payments Japan has already been very active in this segment.

In Japan, more than 50 million, or about half of all cell phone users, already carry phones capable of serving as wallets. In addition some 700 million people worldwide are expected to own such phones by 2013. "Success in Japan and in trials abroad have shown that the technology is ready for cell phones to replace credit cards, cash as well as serve as transportation and movie tickets and electronic keys for homes and offices."

I have already been preaching on building easy payment methods i.e. mobile wallets.

Then to my other "favorite" news: UI and touchscreen development

Here comes:

This is yet again innovative - although it might not come across that way:) By the way: These posted videos etc are naturally only protos and foremostly do not violate corporate patents and other confidential issues. Therefore we can assume that there is soooo much more going on in big development labs. Anyway back to the video: We are seeing these UI things on a daily basis. Seems however that the video screen portrayed in the movie: Minority report is becoming reality.

Well that's all for now.

Br. Vesa

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