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Mobile advertising

Here it goes

* Well talk about talking over nothing: MMA study finds increase in mobile marketing receptiveness and adoption.

The data is in my opinion of no interest/value? Most of the findings are common throughout the industry. "Overall interest levels in the mobile marketing concept vary by market and geographic region - however, common in all markets is the importance of mobile phones in daily life.” No way - I did not think of this :) I must rebuild all my campaigns and marketing needs.

Anyway if not familiar with mobile ads/marketing go and check it out. Reading through the bullets takes around 2 minutes.

* Then to another post: Five-step plan to turn mobile advertising's potential into something more tangible

I agree with the following: "The challenges arise from trying to introduce a diverse, growing and substantial new advertising channel to an established industry which already has significant high volume business delivering into print, TV, radio and online."

1. Make it worthwhile for the media buyers to focus attention on the mobile channel
2. Apply creative revenue and delivery models to mobile advertising campaigns, rather than simple per-impression remuneration
3. Simplify the mobile message for the advertising industry
4. Fit in with existing advertising industry practices
5. Do not artificially segment the mobile advertising audience

This post is more like it. It actually does have some tangible ideas/benefits to it. Eventhough they steps are quite normal Dos and Don’ts . The part of actually "realizing" them is more difficult.

* To sweeten up things. The next post is once again on device and UI development: "Samsung showed a mobile phone prototype that has a flexible OLED display. The phone is like a clamshell, but the inside screen is full sized, and then it is folded when the phone is closed. "

You can also check out the video from here:

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