keskiviikko 11. helmikuuta 2009

Bring back the FUN


Finally I have been reading more than crappy all high-techie mobile stuff:

Please view the videos down below:
Fist one is making fun off Sony and actually about the whole industry.

Personally I have been so fed up with the battle of the gigabytes and storage AND TV stuff here in Finland - so this video truly made my day :) Hope that other countries will end up with digital TV sh*t as well. That whole thing is just so lame and useless (at least for now).

Next up:

This video to some extent indicates/shows off how cocky the iPhone and Apple media/advertising strategy (***) has been for the past years.

--> In the end the video showcases the end-usage of techie devices.

Lastly: How does this i.e. Paris Hilton help increase Nokia 5800 (Tube) sales?

Funny text and nice video portraying the hollywood glam :( Noooot!

Br. Vesa

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Jamesi kirjoitti...

eeeiiii witto noi videot =D
hyvät naurut!!