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iPhone or "touch" increasing web traffic?


At least to me not surprisingly iPhone is clearly dominating the web traffic accessed via phones.

Link to News text By Fortune:

Anyways seems that iPhone is according to AdMob dominating mobile web traffic… In almost all categories The iPhone OS now represents 51% of U.S. smartphone traffic, leaving RIM’s (RIMM) BlackBerry (19%) and Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows Mobile (14%) in the dust. In the global handset market, the iPhone and iPod Touch represent 18.3% of worldwide ad traffic - second only to Nokia 30%.

I feel the success is mostly related to the fact that the consumers who initially purchase an iPhone are tech savvy and probably already use the web to a great extent. In addition the iPhone is a wonderful device to surf the web. Unlike most devices using "small" screen wap or .mobi sites. Anyway will be nice to see whether giant Nokia can increase the S60 web traffic with 5800 and upcoming N97. IF then one conclusion might be that the touchscreen (or at least wider screen) provides more delight to end-users in surfing the web.

And link to AppleInsider:

The second news suggest that iPhone (both the iPhone and iPhone 3G) accounts for a staggering 66.61% of all mobile web traffic! Despite Nokia's domination of the global mobile phone market with its Symbian-powered handsets apparently failed to provide its users with the kind of desirable web surfing experience. Yes - I agree!

Finally a nice video that has been creating "news" online:
<a href="" target="_new" title="Future Vision Montage">Video: Future Vision Montage</a>

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i would also use net with my iphone, but data transfer for an irregular user is so expensive still =P