keskiviikko 11. kesäkuuta 2008

Mobile Ad standards

So the mobile marketing and advertising "scene" i.e. industry have long developed standards to ensure that the carriers, device manufacturers, agencies and fore mostly consumers receive value for their money/investments. Without standards and guidelines there is a reasonable fear of spam. Spam/intrusive (not wanted!) mobile marketing is already very much alive in for example China, where consumers have had issues regarding opt-in standards and spam.


As MobHappy posted MMA's Laura Marriott is resigning. She has made a nice job for the past three years at MMA. MMA is dedicated to help mobile industry players build the industry in a feasible way, so that al parties benefit. I had the pleasure of meeting Laura in one of MMA's conferences.

Following this is a post by MobiAd: where Eran Hertzmann shares his thoughts.

Evan talks that: "The secret to unleashing mobile advertising potential will be in getting the balance right and ensuring that all parties enjoy a positive and rewarding experience." This statement shows truly how I feel on the subject. Just imagine the emerging markets fast thrive to the industry. Being too fast and eager might hinder the consumer experience. This will be the case without standards.

Br. Vesa

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