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iPhone 3.0 (?) speculations

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The new iPhone (3.0) is getting more rumors and speculations as we near the early June. Hopefully we will see a new and greater iPhone on 8.6.

Anyway here are a few news picks on the iPhone. Digitimes has teared down the components. Please see the pick for more details.

What is more "interesting" than components is the following speculation by PhoneNews. They claim that future iPhone and iPod Touch hardware will be capable of playing back full-HD video at 720p and 1080i resolutions! Seems that: Apple Resellers have been advised to start clearing out any remaining Composite AV Cable and Apple Component AV Cable stock. The move is aimed at cutting down inventory ahead of the introduction of Apple’s new Apple AV Cable, which consolidates the functions of both the Composite and Component AV iPhone-cables.

Other interesting news is by Ars Technica. The next operating system upgrade will include both voice recognition and text read-back capabilities kind of like with Apple latest iPod Shuffle.

Other rumors are around a "pro" version sporting a 5MP camera and the "smaller" version having a 3.2MP camera. There have also been rumors on an iPhone Nano.

To end this post check out the nice flexible phone concept.

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