keskiviikko 8. huhtikuuta 2009

SMS marketing and FB going to NYSE?


Interesting news section on how to value other "marketing" channels. Communities dominate brands tells us that: The newsmagazine Economist has gained more sales in India by promoting/selling their magazine through SMS marketing.

The idea: "The Economist introduced a daily Economist newsflash ad, with a short snippet of news from the current issue or a summary of the headlines etc. They increased India circulation by 39%; they increased subscriptions by 26% and news stand sales by 15%. In one year, using SMS. “ ---> Phenomenal success!!

Other stuff; tietoviikko reports that Facebook is preparing for the stock market. “On Tuesday, the briefing Facebook representative Larry Yu said the company now looking for a financial manager, who would have experience in a listed company's management.” "Larry Yu said the company also will consider a public share issue, but the plan does not even worthy of consideration. "

Facebook also reported its turnover to rise during the current quarter, 70 percent and estimates of the company's profits in 2010. " WHoow - NICE!!

The service is great but I am just worried that consumers will eventually get tired of using the service. It needs to be linked more to your friends and location. Now consumers/users are just increasing their friends lists and updating this and that. What a waste of time :) --> Go out and play. Or write a blog - hehe.

Back again later this week.

Br. Vesa

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