torstai 28. toukokuuta 2009

Big start for exciting and upcoming June

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Well June gets a nice start with Nokia announcing the Ovi Store. TechCrunch already manifested that: "Nokia Ovi Store Launch Is A Complete Disaster." the service was very slow (due to high interest), applications disappeared or showed up twice, user experience i.e. navigation was complicated and in addition the search did not work properly.

Bad start for Nokias ambitious response to Apple Apps store!!

Enough said on Nokia.

Moving on: At the Google Dev Conference Google has confirmed that the mobile world will welcome at least 18 new Android OS-powered smartphones by the end of 2009.

Google will offer three different versions of Android OS: a completely free and generic flavor with no pre-loaded Google applications; a slightly-customized version of Android OS that comes pre-loaded with Google apps like Gmail and Google Calendar; and a completely “Google-fied” Android OS bearing all sorts of Google branding and integration with Google’s services.

Continuing with this Google Developer news here is a VERY cool video: Spotify mobile demo for Google Android

Spotify is a streaming music service which is gradually gathering a large fan-base in Europe, and is poised to launch in the US, has been plotting a mobile version for a while. The Android app is still very much a work in progress and subject to minor changes, but it gives a pretty good overview of their thinking. The demo highlights a number of features including playback, playlists, offline synch and music search.

Please see the video. It looks fantastic even though it is still under development.

Br. Vesa

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