keskiviikko 20. toukokuuta 2009

Stats to the table


Bringing some stats to the table.

Akihabar tells us that Sharp Announces 10 Megapixel Camera. Other specs include a nice 3.3” VGA Mobile ASV LCD, a LED Flash and the ability to go up to ISO 12800.

Seems like the pixel war will hardly ever end. Fooling consumers to buy more via pixels does not really make any sense. Unless you are into having more pixels than you neighbor :)

Below is the picture.

Next up iPhone rumored feature list. I picked some of the highlights:

* Sleeker design with Apple logo on the back to light up
* 32GB and 16GB to replace current capacities
* 3.2 Megapixel camera
* Video recording & editing capabilities
* Double the RAM and processing power
* Built-in compass
--> In addition the New iPhone is Due to Land July 17.

Last but not the least:
Video Demo of Android ‘Rosie’ OS Leaked Online

The interface looks very nice and fast. Guess the future is truly about widgets and apps :)

Br. Vesa

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