keskiviikko 20. toukokuuta 2009

Sticking with the news


Starting off: FierceMobileContent

Reports that financial giant MasterCard is going live on an on-demand, person-to-person Mobile MoneySend payment platform. Nice - finally some movement in this area. Please notice that I have already looong been talking on mobile payments. Guess someone needs to make the first steps.

“The platform enables bank customers to offer P2P payments to their customers--users can send and receive funds via SMS, mobile web, downloadable mobile application or PC, linking their mobile phone number to a MasterCard. The platform is already available in 17 countries across the Asia Pacific Middle East Africa region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India and the Philippines." Does anyone know how it has worked out in these regions?

Also another favorite of mine has been mobile education. IntoMobile reports via CrunchGear that Japanese University Tracks Students by iPhone.

"The iPhone will basically be used as a tracking device with which the university can control if its students are physically on campus or not (the main goal is to prevent cheating during roll calls). But the phone will also be used for digital lectures (podcasts), doing homework and taking tests."

Hope that stuff like this will take up. Really promising as far as reaching rural areas and educating people.

Br. Vesa

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