torstai 5. kesäkuuta 2008

First post

My first post - Interested to see whether I'll be able to maintain this blog also after the summer. Currently emplyment will surely affect the blog postings.

This blog will be about me speculating and discussing mobile/mobility related topics. Currently my interest lie in the converging mobile industry. I see a bright future for a device which already embeds 4 to 5 other devices/gadgets. It is fascinating to see how fast the industry and its trends develop.

Last year was rather hectic for me - I finished my Marketing Masters studies at HSE, did an exhausting IDBM program and wrote my thesis. Two projects were deeply rooted in mobile issues: IDBM project was made for TeliaSonera on Mobile TV and my thesis covered the Mobile Marketing activities of Nokia.

Let's see how many readers my blog can generate? Personally I read a lot of news and blogs mainly on mobile topics. It' nerdy but it is nice to now what's happening. This is also why I'm taking a step to the blog world - hopefully my post(s) will easy the mobile "news" reading. At least I can refer to my earlier ideas. I try to focus on either the bigger picture or interesting smaller upcoming news/phenomenon.

Br. Vesa

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