perjantai 6. kesäkuuta 2008

Mobile watch and other ideas - out of the box

Let's try how this works!

So now that the whole mobile industry is under the iPhone hype I though I'd comment on the following post:

If not Finnish - You can try and use the Google translator. The article is about a mobile "phone" watch. Anyway: I find the concept of the mobile transformation very interesting.

Please see this post: businessweek

The phone/mobile device will surely transform itself to something completely different within the upcoming say >5 years. Even the current phone is merely 10 years old and currently already embeds numerous devices: phone, music, digital camera, video recorder, internet browser, games, GPS maps, TV etc. etc. Just think of the future nano-tech devices and other technological services and ideas still to come! The phone will surely/hopefully also take into consideration various cultures, which are getting closer to one and other. The mobile device is constantly evolving/changing and this is why the industry is such an exciting place to be part of.


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